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01 October 2008 @ 11:47 pm
so i haven't updated in ages it seems like.
i really don't remember the last time, and what has happened since then so i'll just put out random facts/ things that have happened.

1] i got a new apartment! its literally right on campus which is so nice. waking up 20 minutes before class has been such a blessing. i can't wait until winter when i can wear my sweats to class. those are the days. anyways i'm living with two of my friends, sharing a room with one of them. its been fun, crazy adventures but so far so good.

2] school is actually going pretty well. I'm enjoying all of my classes, well all but one- stats, but other than that they all seem pretty enjoyable so far. Philosophy is my new favorite class. I love my teacher too, he has a super sexy english accent, which makes him overall so much hotter. He's older, but like George Clooney older. sexy.

3] the weather the last few days has been incredibly annoying. today the high was 96 i think. yesterday it was 93. its october for crying out loud! I love nice weather, but being in class rooms that don't have air conditioning is not my definition of fun. I rather be at the beach but i've had midterms this entire week which have taken up a majority of my time.

4] OKay my obession this summer, or shall i say the last half of August has been the Twilight series. I read all four books within 2 weeks. I probably would of read them faster if i didn't have to work. I've re-read twilight about 4 times since, the last half of new moon twice, and
Current Mood: anxiousanxious