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01 October 2008 @ 11:47 pm
so i haven't updated in ages it seems like.
i really don't remember the last time, and what has happened since then so i'll just put out random facts/ things that have happened.

1] i got a new apartment! its literally right on campus which is so nice. waking up 20 minutes before class has been such a blessing. i can't wait until winter when i can wear my sweats to class. those are the days. anyways i'm living with two of my friends, sharing a room with one of them. its been fun, crazy adventures but so far so good.

2] school is actually going pretty well. I'm enjoying all of my classes, well all but one- stats, but other than that they all seem pretty enjoyable so far. Philosophy is my new favorite class. I love my teacher too, he has a super sexy english accent, which makes him overall so much hotter. He's older, but like George Clooney older. sexy.

3] the weather the last few days has been incredibly annoying. today the high was 96 i think. yesterday it was 93. its october for crying out loud! I love nice weather, but being in class rooms that don't have air conditioning is not my definition of fun. I rather be at the beach but i've had midterms this entire week which have taken up a majority of my time.

4] OKay my obession this summer, or shall i say the last half of August has been the Twilight series. I read all four books within 2 weeks. I probably would of read them faster if i didn't have to work. I've re-read twilight about 4 times since, the last half of new moon twice, and
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22 April 2008 @ 01:09 am
new journal.
i decided to do this earlier today because this journal isn't working out anymore.

i'm not going to add anyone, but feel free to add me.
its nothing personal whatsoever me not adding anyone, but i don't talk to half the people on here and whats the point.
so yeah, no pressure to add it. i'm actually going to update the new one, at least twice a week. I'm going to posting a lot more pictures too so that'll be a change.

So yes. thats it.

oh. the new lj name is simply_taken
08 April 2006 @ 03:49 pm
It's the first day of spring break so i decided to update. the last time i wrote out an actual entry was the day christmas break started.interesting fact there. this week has been so stresful. there were so many assignments due that i nearly lost my mind. i was so excited when the bell rang at 1:55. aha. my friend had a giant party last night, but i didn`t go. i had been planning on it for that entire week, but my dad decided that i needed to stay home and not go out.!! :| i was so angry with him. i heard the party was huge, like over 400 people or something. madness. best party of the year, and i couldn't go. ugh. ummm; i know more stuff has been going on, but i really can't think at the moment. i'll leave with some pictures, because thats all i can think of doing. :b i saw your face in a crowded placeCollapse ) mmk. thats all. update again at the beginning of summer vacation? maybe
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03 August 2004 @ 12:57 am
Questions concerningrnr_icons? comment here and ill try and help you out. you could also email me @ allisonpitt@yahoo.com. :)
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09 March 2004 @ 05:13 pm
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14 August 2003 @ 12:15 pm
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